There is a chance of “The Originals” Season 5 being picked up by the CW at the moment. This is despite the very low season 4 premiere ratings two weeks ago. Last week’s ratings showed a potential following. So far there hasn’t been an official announcement either way from the CW, so fans continue to hope that the show will not be cancelled before creator Julie Plec plans.

Viewer ratings low, even for CW standard

It’s no secret that CW ratings have traditionally been low. However, “The Originals” season 4 premiere was low even for the teen network’s standard.

Instantly, people started to speculate that the network would decide to cancel it without even waiting for a few episodes. Luckily, the network did give it one more week.

The ratings didn’t move. Well, they may have moved by a few tenths of a point, but not as much as most shows do. The majority of shows will see a 10-15% drop between the premiere and the second episode (unless there is a two-hour premiere), but “The Originals” season 4 only saw around a 4% drop. This is certainly good news.

‘The Originals’ season 4 gets the Mikaelsons back together

Season 3 saw the Mikaelsons separated. Klaus had ultimately sacrificed himself to Marcel, knowing that it could end his life. Fortunately his younger sister Rebekah was there to help encourage Marcel to use Papa Tunde’s blade to keep Klaus alive and in misery.

This was just what the Mikaelsons needed, as they were all cursed or dying. Freya was able to link their life forces to Klaus, keeping them alive long enough for Hayley to find a cure.

The Originals season 4 returned five years later and within the first episode the four sleeping Mikaelsons awoke. By the end of the second episode Klaus was returned to the fold.

This may have been a bad move for the show, as some fans wanted to see everything that Hayley did to save her family. Is there a story to tell for the rest of the season?

There are only 13 episodes in “The Originals” season 4 and many speculated that it would end. There is hope that the CW will pick up “The Originals” season 5, but only time will tell if the ratings stay the same or drop too low for the CW to take a gamble and maybe even give Klaroline a chance to happen.