The moment that changed „Grey's Anatomy“ forever was when Christina Yang left Grey-Sloan Hospital and went to Switzerland. After that, the show simply wasn't what it used to be. Soon after that, we lost Derek and all we had were a couple of relationships we really don't care that much about. However, it looks like we might be seeing Christina coming back to Seattle soon.

No one could replace Christina in Meredith’s life

It is sad to see a character as important as Christina leaving the show. For 10 whole seasons, we saw Christina’s character evolving both as a doctor and as a person.

She had a very special relationship with Meredith and when Christina left, no one could replace her in Meredith's life. There were attempts to make Amelia and Maggie Meredith's new „person“, but we just weren't feeling it.

However, Sandra Oh (Christina Yang) gave us hope when she published a photo on her Twitter account with Kevin McKidd (trauma surgeon Dr.Hunt and Christina’s ex-husband) and former “Grey’s Anatomy” screenwriter Tony Phelan. Fans immediately assumed they were talking about the show and suggest that the timing of Christina’s return is just perfect since Hunt and Amelia are having some serious troubles in marriage. Christina’s return would put additional danger to their relationship, but most of the fans are actually looking forward to seeing the reunion of Meredith and Christina.

Anything is possible in Shondaland

Even though Sandra Oh doesn’t want to give any hints about her re-appearance in “Grey’s Anatomy” she actually doesn’t exclude the possibility. We all know that anything is possible in Shondaland. So far, there were so many cameos from past main actors, like Isaiah Washington and Kate Walsh.

However, Kate Walsh’s cameo was not actually a surprise because her show “Private practice” is always somehow connected to “Grey’s Anatomy”. Producers did a great job in maintaining the relationship between the two shows. However, Isaiah Washington’s cameo was a true surprise and no one could see it coming. Those episodes were truly a mystery because everyone assumed his character (Dr.Preston Burke) is still in love with Christina and wants her back.

No one could even presuppose he would do what he did.

In any case, Christina’s cameo would be great. If she doesn’t come back earlier, we would love to see her returning for the series finale. However, if you miss amazing Sandra Oh that much you can see her in the ABC series “American Crime” and in her new comedy film “Catfight”.