"13 Reasons Why" is a Netflix Original series based on a novel by Jay Asher, about high school student Hannah Baker who committed suicide, but not before recording 13 tapes that explain why she did so. The series has a dual plot - one part focuses on events leading up to the teenager’s suicide, and the other part focuses on the reaction of her peers to the tapes, and their various attempts to cover up their involvement.

Actor Devin Druid embodies the character of Tyler Down on the show, who is in love with Hannah, and not only is he deeply hurt by her suicide, but also by the revelation that he is one of the 13 reasons that caused it.

The show become popular very quickly

The show aired globally on March 31 this year, and quickly became a hit. The story of Hannah’s suicide ends in season one, as does the plot of the novel, which is why many viewers are eager to know whether there will be a second season. Druid stated that there is definitely more to be revealed about the characters, and that there are several plot lines that have yet to be resolved. Indeed, when the camera zoomed in on the contents of Tyler’s trunk, fans were left wondering what he could possibly be planning. There is also more to be revealed about the court trial, and the question of what happens to Alex needs to be answered.

The messages of the show

The actor confessed that some days on set were very emotional, and that he would sometimes bring those feelings back home with him.

“13 Reasons Why” significantly impacted his life, and he hopes that the fans understood the messages the show tried to convey - that it is impossible to be aware of everything that is happening in someone’s life, and therefore you need to be careful about your actions towards other people. Something that might seem insignificant or trivial for you could really hurt someone else, which is why it is important to learn empathy towards others.

The series tackled a number of issues concerning the lives of modern teenagers, including cyber-bullying, substance abuse, domestic abuse, sexuality and many others. These issues have serious consequences on the mental health of the characters, and the show depicts how important it is talk to other people about what you are going through.

As Druid notes, it is equally important to notice signs of depression in people who you are close to, in order to be able to help them. The show has a strong message for its audience and we could learn a lot from it.