Amanda Stanton and Josh Murray didn't work out, but now fans are wondering if she will come back to "Bachelor in Paradise" to try and find love once again. Things were great with Josh for a while, but then they didn't last, and now both are single once again.

Amanda Stanton is single and ready to mingle

Amanda is single now and looking for love, but that doesn't mean that she will be coming back for another season of paradise. Amanda actually went to her Instagram Live and talked about "BIP." She actually said that she wasn't going to "Bachelor in Paradise" again, but that Sarah would be going.

That was about a month ago, and it looks like Sarah might not be going either now that she has been pictured with a new man. Only time will tell who is going to be on the show, but you know some of the guys from Rachel Lindsay's season of the show will end up being there trying to find love.

Amanda Stanton also talked a bit about her split from Josh Murray. She revealed that when they were together, she was driving a car that belonged to her ex Nick and that Josh wasn't a fan of that at all. It actually made him jealous, so they had some issues because of that. Nick is also the father of Amanda's two daughters. They still have to be involved with each other because of the kids, but Josh wasn't a fan of their relationship.

He didn't want her driving around a car that Nick owned so he made sure to do something else for her. When they split, they started having issues.

Josh Murray actually got her a different car that she was driving, but when they split, they had some issues. Amanda expected to just pay for it, but Josh didn't do it that way. Instead, he called the police and had them come and pick the car up from her.

This didn't go over well at all and of course, might have been part of the issues of why they never got back together.

So far, Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton are still apart, and it doesn't look like they are going to get back together. They are both moving on. It would be surprising if Josh and Amanda ever worked things out.

He has been very clear that he misses her daughters. It doesn't look like Amanda and Josh are even trying to work things out anymore.

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