Christian Convery is an award-winning seven-year-old Actor from Vancouver, Canada, who recently secured a role in the forthcoming film titled "Beautiful Boy" which tackles the difficult subject of the impact that drug addiction has on families. Christian will spend six weeks filming on set between Los Angeles and San Francisco.

The young actor is no stranger to such work, having appeared in movies such as "My Christmas Dream" and “Hearts of Spring” by Hallmark and a number of other films, commercials, and television programs including “Legion,” Van Helsing” and the incredibly popular "Supernatural."

He was also lauded with a Young Entertainer Award for Best Performance as a Leading Young Actor as well as a Young Artist Award for Best Performance for a Supporting Young Actor.

Moreover, he has worked with and met some very famous Celebrities including Steve Carell who worked on the massively successful animated movie franchise "Despicable Me.”


"Beautiful Boy" is being produced by Plan B, a company that was founded by famed actor Brad Pitt. The story is based on the real-life experiences of David Sheff's whose son was addicted to drugs. David subsequently wrote a book titled "Beautiful Boy: A Father's Journey Through His Son's Addiction."

Another source of inspiration was from Nic Scheff's book titled "Tweak: Growing Up On Methamphetamines," which described Nic’s own methamphetamine addiction and the impact it had on his family. In "Beautiful Boy" Christian Convery plays the role of Jasper Sheffield, a seven-year-old who bears witness to the ravages that drug addiction takes out on his much adored older brother.

The movie will be widely promoted upon its release, and the filmmakers are hopeful that it will prove to be popular among audiences.


Although the subject matter of the film is very serious, Christian is impressively mature for his age and understands the plot and the gravity that surrounds it. Despite the somber theme of the movie, Christian enjoyed playing his part and being on the set where he made many friends with the cast and crew.

He also enjoyed his stay in Los Angeles where he got to swim in a rooftop pool which had an incredible view of Hollywood. Christian looks forward to future roles and projects and has many exciting announcements forthcoming. To learn more about this very young yet quickly rising bright star, follow him on his social media pages and check out his IMBD.