Coco Spectra is the newest addition to the cast of CBS "The Bold and the Beautiful." She is a bright, bubbly teenager, with a heart to do the right thing. Coco came to town to learn about the fashion business, from her big sister Sally. She applied for and was accepted as an intern at "Forrester Creations." Coco met and began falling for young R.J. Forrester. It seemed as if her every dream would come true until her life became a nightmare.

The wicked grandmother

The grandmother of the Spectra sisters is Shirley, whose sister was the original Sally Spectra.

She is the root of all the evil that has come upon young Coco. Sally wanted to make her designs until she received a scathing review from Jared Maxwell. Grandma Shirley began telling Sally that the only way Spectra could make it was to be a knock off company.

She eroded Sally's confidence, even telling her that there was no future for her budding relationship with Thomas Forrester. Shirley had Saul put cameras in a necklace and a broach that they gave to an unsuspecting Coco. They used the jewelry to capture Forrester fashions, and later make them their own with a few alterations.

On the day of the fashion show, Coco watches in horror, as she realizes that the dresses worn by the models have been stolen from the Forresters.

Her grandmother admits that they used Coco as a spy. The young girl is crushed and rushes to Forrester Creations to let them know what happened. R.J. believes her, but his family does not. The teen must give up her internship and leave the building.

Who will Coco be loyal to?

On today's episode, Coco wishes she can do something to redeem herself to the Forresters, when R.J.

calls. She goes to Forrester, where R.J. and his family let her know she can redeem herself. All she has to do is admit in court, that Sally stole the Forrester designs.

Coco wants to do the right thing, but if Sally is convicted, a painful she could spend up to 15 years in prison awkward. This is a spot for the teen. She believes her family should pay for what they did, but jail time was not on her mind.

Coco will have to choose between her love for R.J. and her loyalty to her family. Even though she is angry at Sally and Shirley for putting her in this predicament, she does not want to see Sally go to jail.

Whomever Coco chooses to be loyal too, she will lose. She will have to give up her relationship with R.J. and a future with Forrester Creations, or turn her back on the family that loved and raised her. Will she help R.J.'s family prosecute her sibling, or will she walk away from the powerful family?