Everything hit the fan in a big way on Monday's "The Bold and the Beautiful." The Spectra fashion show brought a lot of issues to light. Now lives are hanged forever. Sally Forester probably wishes she could do a rewind, but it's much to late. At this point there is no way to turn back the hands of time.

Sally made a choice she must live with

Sally Spectra had been torn between her love for Thomas Forester, and her desire to continue the company her great aunt and namesake started decades ago. When with Thomas, Sally felt she could conquer the world.

Back at the Spectra offices, her grandmother was continued to undermine everything. She convinced Sally that a Spectra could never travel in the world of the Foresters. She reinforced the fact that her sister, the original Sally Spectra made her living as a knock off artist, using stolen designs, from the Foresters.

Sally's choice to allow her grandmother's words to carry more meaning than those of the man who loves her. And now everyone's life is changed forever.

It's all in your point of view

Jared Maxwell's keen eye realized that young Sally did not have the capability of designing the outfits the models were wearing. He knew almost right away that the Forester's had been ripped off. The unsuspecting people in the audience were loving the fashion show, while Sally's grandma and Saul were elated there would be money from sales to pay the bills.

Coco realizes her family has been up to no good, and tries to warn everyone. Her cries of fowl fall on deaf ears, as the crowd only wants to congratulate Sally.

Thomas Forester is shocked, and later tells Sally that he would have helped her, and she did not need to betray their love., or his family. Sally herself is now regretful, and begs his forgiveness.

She promises she will not fill any orders with the stolen Forester designs. Thomas says no, and walks away. This time it looks like it could be for good.

Ms. Spectra has committed the ultimate betrayal. She has proven that his family was right, and she was not to be trusted. Now Coco's relationship with R.J. Forester, and her internship at the company may both be going down the drain.

The "I told you so's" will begin

Now all the "I told you so's" will come forth. Steffy will certainly point out to her brother, that she always believed Sally would be trouble. Ridge will be upset that he gave Coco Spectra a chance. Rick and Mya will know their worst suspicions have come to pass. R.J. may not believe that Coco was an unwilling participant in it all. The fall out will be huge for a long time to come.