The “Once Upon a Time” season 6, episode 19 promo didn’t give too much away. Fans quickly learned that the episode would focus on Rumple, who has a secret that he needs to learn. From the looks of things, that secret is all to do with his time as a baby and being abandoned. It’s only today that fans got a sneak peek into the episode. Rumple is willing to do anything it takes to save his son, and that includes taking Emma to the dream world. Why the dream world? Read on to find out!

Saviors will always do the right thing

Rumple doesn’t begrudge Emma for being the Savior.

He knows that Storybrooke needed her and isn’t going to stop her from doing the right thing. But that doesn’t mean he wants her to do it right now. From the first second of the “Once Upon a Time” season 6 sneak peek, it’s clear that Emma has been kidnapped so Rumple can save his son.

He tells Emma that she will always do the right thing. Right now, the right thing would be to banish or kill the Black Fairy. The last chapter is coming to a close and the biggest battle Emma has ever faced is upon her. But if the Black Fairy goes without finding Gideon’s heart, Rumple will never get his son back. He can’t let that happen, and that means bringing Emma to the dream world where it’s impossible for her to do anything in the real world.

Rumple will end up in his own dreams

While he believes he is in his son’s dream, Rumple soon learns that he is in his own dream world. A trip to a cottage reveals the place that he was born. There are no feelings on show, but we all know that Rumple is very good at hiding the way he really feels.

There is still a lot that we don’t know about Rumple, despite him being one of the main (and most exciting) characters from the very beginning.

His life before he became the Dark One is hazy, especially his younger years. It looks like this episode will focus on that life, as he faces truths that he believed were left behind in his dreams.

In the promo it certainly looks like he will learn why he was abandoned. At the moment, things are pointing toward the idea of the Black Fairy being Rumple’s mother, which is why she had such an interest in Gideon.

Are you excited to learn more about Rumple’s life? What do you hope “Once Upon a Time season 6, episode 19 brings? The episode airs on Sunday at 8 p.m. on ABC. There are just a handful of episodes left now, with many questions about whether or not there will be a seventh season.