According to a new report from the TV Line folks, the production team for CW's hit drama, "Supergirl," is apparently adding the evil General Zod character to their great storyline mix at some point this season. The exact episode that he's scheduled to appear in, is unknown at this point in time. They have decided to hire actor, Mark Gibbon, to come on and play the role. They also said that the reason why Zod is arriving to National City, is also a mystery, right now, so it sounds like they really want to keep this thing under wraps.

It's in the finale episode

Oh, this just in. We just got some details from the Screenrant crew that General Zod is scheduled to make his first appearance in the big season 2 finale episode. Since there's still no details about why he'll be showing up, we're not sure if his arrival will carry on into the next season 3, pending there is a season 3, God willing. I haven't checked the CW renewals for that yet. Oh, wait a minute. We got another scoop that's just in. We're hearing from Deadline and a couple of other sources that Supergirl has, in fact, been renewed for a brand new season 3. Thank the Lord!!

Anyways, getting back to this whole Zod story. Since we do have a confirmation of a new season 3, he could very well bleed over into the new season.

Again, we'll have to wait to see what his initial storyline will entail before we can even begin to speculate on whether or not he'll be showing back up in future storylines.

A few speculations

The people over at Screenrant have a few speculations about what his return might entail. They think that it could involve the return of Non, played by Chris Vance.

He was seen in season 1 before he got blinded and defeated by Supergirl. They also think that there could be a possibility that he teams up with MonEl's evil mother, Rhea, at some point, but that it's highly unlikely since there's a lot of bad blood between the Daxam folks and the Kryptons. What I found really interesting, is they presented a 3rd possibility, which is that Zod will just serve up a cameo appearance in the finale that actually leads to him being the main villain in season 3!

Wow! Wouldn't that be something?

It's also been revealed that Superman is expected to make another appearance in the big finale episode, which means it's highly likely that Zod's appearance could be presented as a carry-over of Superman's intense battles with him. One thing we can be sure of, is that season 2 is scheduled to cap off with a flood of interesting storylines.

CW loves Mark Gibbon

As for Zod's portrayer, Mark Gibbon, his resume is pretty extensive as far as the CW is concerned. He's made appearances in their other shows: "The 100," "Smallville," "Arrow," and the big "Man Of Steel" movie production, which was produced by Warner Bros. Pictures who owns the CW. He also did some work in ABC's popular "Once Upon A Time" show. So, yeah. Mark definitely has a good, working relationship wit the CW. No doubt about that. Stay tuned.