"Shadowhunters" will return June 5 on Freeform with the last ten episodes of season 2. Along with the fan favorite's return is popular sci-fi drama "Stitchers" with season 3. Fans have been anxiously anticipating the return of the two, and celebrating the recent news that "Shadowhunters" was renewed for a season 3. The drama based on the books by Cassandra Clare also received a GLAAD Award for Outstanding Drama Series for the favorite couple Malec (Magnus and Alec), and was accepted by Harry Shum Jr. and Matt Daddario.

'Shadowhunters' returns with new character

The first half of season 2 ended with one messy situation after another: Isabelle (Emeraude Toubia) ended things with Raphael (David Castro), Simon (Alberto Rosende) discovered that he can walk in sunlight after drinking Jace's blood, Jace (Dominic Sherwood) was tricked by Valentine into activating the soul sword which led to the death of several Downworlders and that he wasn't Clary's brother, and one happy moment where Magnus (Harry Shum Jr.) and Alec (Matt Daddario) exchanged "I love you's."

The Freeform press release teases that the rift between Shadowhunters and Downworlders will grow larger following the events of the winter finale. Fans can expect to see their favorite characters finding themselves trying to move past Valentine's attack: Jace's revelation that he's not Clary's brother will put a damper on her relationship with Simon, Isabelle will be dealing with the consequences of her addiction with yin fen but will find her way again, while Matt Daddario teases that Magnus and Alec's relationship won't be perfect but there will be a lot of goodness between the two, and the relationship will continue to grow stronger.

In casting news, "Game of Thrones" actor Will Tudor will be introduced as Sebastian, who fans know from the books to be a character with a complicated and tragic background. Though, the Freeform show is known for flipping plot from the books into a new and fun light. Sebastian is described as charming, brilliant, and well educated.

He will be coming from the London Institute, and will befriend one of the main characters.

'Stitchers' cast YouTube star in new role

"Stitchers" is a unique show for the network: It follows Kirsten (Emma Ishta) as she's recruited into a secret government organization where she will 'stitch' herself into the minds of people that recently died.

She works with neuroscientist Cameron (Kyle Harris), bioelectrical engineer Linus (Ritesh Rajan), and her roommate Camille (Allison Scagliotti) who's a computer science grad student. The Freeform series left off as Kirsten decided to unlock the secrets of her past by stitching herself into the past. The last scene was of her love interest, Cameron desperately trying to bring her back.

Spoilers for the upcoming season have been kept under wraps by Freeform, but the network has announced recent casting news. YouTube star Anna Akana will portray Amanda, a cool and confident medical examiner that will be working with the Stitchers team. She will have an instant connection with Camille, but there are no details about what sort of connection it will be. Akana will first appear in episode 2 on June 12.

Are you excited for the return of "Stitchers" and "Shadowhunters" this summer?