The woman we know as Melania Trump, was born Melanija Knavs in a small town in Slovenia called Sevnica. Her transition from small town girl, to First Lady of the United States is nothing short of amazing. When she was a child, her father was a member of the Communist party. According to the New York Times, her mother harvested onions from the family farm, and later worked at the local textile factory. The couple now live most of the year in New York, courtesy of their son in law, Donald Trump.

Teenage years

At age 14, Melanija moved from Sevnica to Ljubijana, the capital of Slovenia.

This is where she attended high school. She later attended the University of Ljubljana, majoring in design. There are reports that she received a degree, but this is incorrect. Melanija dropped out of school, to pursue a modeling career, after she was runner up in a beauty pageant. It was at this time she changed her name to Melania Knass because her modeling career was taking off, and had her traveling all over Europe.

Meeting Donald Trump

Melania moved to New York in 1996, and that is where she met Donald Trump in 1998. She obtained her U.S. citizenship in 2001, and in April 2004, the couple became engaged. They were married in January 2005. This is when she officially became Melania Trump.

According to Vanity Fair, when at age 35, Mrs. Trump desired a child, the Donald only consented because she promised to regain her pre pregnancy figure. Their son Baron arrived on March 20th 2006. In January 2017 Melania Trump officially became known as the First Lady of the United States, and the rest as they say is history.

Transforming into First Lady

Melania has been criticized because of the expense of security while she remains at Trump Tower in New York. Some Americans do not believe she can fully embrace her role as the president's wife while living away from the White House. News reports indicate she has not always participated in activities like that of former First Ladies.

She is supposed to move to D.C. after son Baron finishes his current school year in June 2016.

In the USA, all first ladies are under a microscope, but Mrs. Trump has come under additional scrutiny. From day one, at the swearing in of her spouse, her body language, each gesture, and every facial expression has been dissected. When her husband did not open the car door for her, and walked to greet the Obama's alone during the inauguration, speculation of a troubled marriage began. In addition, Mrs. Trump is the only Fist Lady in U.S. history, who did not immediately move with her spouse when he became president. June is only a few months away. At that time, the transformation of Melanija Knavs/Melania Kraus/Melania Trump will continue.