Robyn and Kody Brown are married, and she is actually the only one of his "Sister Wives" that he is legally married to, but rumors are coming out now that Robyn is pregnant with her sixth child. This would be her third child with Kody Brown. Now a family friend by the name of Kendra is saying that Robyn is pregnant once again, but that isn't all that she has to say about the situation. Kendra has been very talkative in the past about the Brown family and she isn't holding back this time, either.

What else did Kendra reveal about Robyn and Kody Brown?

Kendra isn't just saying that Robyn is expecting another baby. She is actually also speaking out and saying that there are a few other things going on. According to Kendra, Robyn is fed up with Kody and has plans to leave him. She even says that Robyn Brown has enough money to get a lawyer already.

She is also sharing that this is the end of "Sister Wives." So far, TLC hasn't announced that the show is going to be returning, but everyone is hoping that it will be back once again. In the past, they haven't announced a new season until they actually said it would be on the air.

So how soon will Robyn Brown be leaving Kody? According to Kendra, it will be soon.

She said, "She intends to move 100 miles away, to Utah, and she told me she could move out of their Las Vegas home as soon as around Easter.” If she heads to Utah, that is where her family is at, and that could really help her out a lot. Robyn Brown would be a single mom with six children so having family nearby could be very helpful for her.

The family moved away from Utah to Las Vegas, but without wanting to live the polygamist lifestyle, there is no reason that Robyn couldn't move back to Utah again.

Robyn and Kody Brown have really seemed like they were happy since the day they got married. Meri actually divorced Kody so that he could marry Robyn and then have the chance to adopt her children.

This would make it where the kids were legally part of the family, and that is what everyone wanted. The couple has always denied any rumors about problems in their marriage. Hopefully, they are actually doing okay, but fans are just going to have to wait and find out. If the show returns, then everyone will get the details.

Do you believe that Robyn Brown is actually going to leave Kody Brown? Do you think that she is pregnant once again? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts on if Robyn is really pregnant and if you think she is actually going to leave Kody Brown this time around.