Kody Brown of Sister Wives has it all. At the age of 47, the head of TLC’s polygamist family has four wives, 18 children, and a life in Las Vegas. For the past seven seasons, viewers had a chance to witness the ups and downs and trials that come with living a polygamist family lifestyle. Most recent events included Kody Brown becoming the proud father of a new baby girl and his former wife being emotionally deceived by an outsider. While fans of the show are looking forward to a new Sister Wives season 8, a family insider shared that Kody might be putting the continuation of the show in jeopardy because the man is not a happy camper.

Doesn’t this man have everything?

Most everyone agrees that Kody Brown has more than most men can wish for, and, undoubtedly, Kody’s wives not only love and adore him but are willing to sacrifice their own needs for the good of the family. Meri is Kody’s first wife and has stuck to her man for more than 25 years. Janelle, Kody’s second female companion, has supported the family’s patriarch for more than 22 years, and Christine, the third female in the family, has been there for her man for more than 21 years. When Robyn came into the picture five years ago, Meri sacrificed her legal marriage to Kody so that he could legally marry Robyn in order to adopt her three children from a previous marriage.

What is missing?

According to a family insider, Kody is tired of dealing with Meri, 44, Christine, 43, Janelle, 46, and Robyn, 37. As the family insider revealed in an interview with Life & Style, 47-year-old Kody said that he doesn’t feel like he is getting enough support from his wives and that he has had it. As an act of “ultimate revenge,” Kody reportedly said that in order to teach his four current wives a lesson, he is looking at two other wives.

Kody’s new prospective Sister Wives include his step-niece Mindy Jessop and Amanda, a young friend of the Brown family.

Quite obviously, Mindy Jessop, who is related to the family via Robyn’s side and who has been babysitting the polygamist family's kids, has something that is lacking in Kody’s older wives.

A mere comparison of the photo of Kody’s current wives and blond Mindy speaks for itself.

Is Koby having a midlife crisis?

At the age of 47, Koby Brown is a perfect candidate for having a midlife crisis. Koby’s complaint about the lack of support from his present wives and his expressed desire to rob the cradle certainly attest to something going on. However, whether or not the family insider’s most recently revealed truth about the Brown family is a sign of trouble in paradise, or whether it serves to boost interest for Sister Wives season 8, only time will tell.