According to a new report from the folks over at the, we might not be seeing major WWE superstar, Roman Reigns, (left) enter the ring again for, at least, a couple of weeks after his brutal attack that was inflicted upon him by that monster, Braun Strowman, this past Monday night, April 10th,2017 on "Raw." Apparently, there was a way over-the-top segment that featured Strowman, throwing Reigns stretcher off of a ramp, at one point. Then he got even crazier by tipping over the ambulance vehicle that Reigns was put in!

Multiple injuries

Since then, is claiming that Reigns suffered multiple injuries, which include: cracked ribs, internal injuries and a possible separated shoulder.

The recovery time for these type of injuries, if they're real, is speculated to be around four weeks or so. For that reason, it's believed that the WWE is planning to sideline him for a while.

Cool down

They believe that the WWE might be using this injury angle to purposely take Roman out of action until the crowds cool down off him. Apparently, it's reported that they've been booing the hell out of him since he supposedly caused the Undertaker to finally, freaking retire at the recent 2017 "WrestleMania" event. They say, the crowd booed Reigns everytime he looked like he was about to get ready to talk at the following Raw event that took place right after "WrestleMania."

At one point, there were some rumors that they were going to make Roman become a heel.

However, it looks like they do not want to go in that direction, so they're going to, what looks like, keep him out of the ring until all the sting of retiring the old Undertaker, wears off.

Rude chants

It's reported that the crowds have so much hatred for Reigns, right now, that they actually cheered Strowman on while he was beating the everliving crap out of him.

They chanted: “Thank you Strowman.” And they chanted: “You deserve it” at Roman, implying that he deserved the brutal beat down. The WWE definitely didn't want the crowd to react like this. The commentary team was seen, reacting in a very sad tone to the incident, and said that it was very unfortunate. Then later on, the WWE social media channels, made statements of the attack being "reprehensible."

It's believed that Roman could be missing from the "RAW" line up for as much as several weeks.

However, they believe that he will still show up at the big "Payback" pay-per-view event that's currently scheduled to go down on Sunday night, April 30th,2017. During that event, Roman is expected to wrestle the very crazy and brutal Braun Strowman.