With "WrestleMania 33" just a week away, the WWE is still in full promotional mode to hype up their biggest pay-per-view of the year. The stacked card will include Roman Reigns battling The Undertaker and kevin owens fighting his former friend Chris Jericho for the WWE United States Championship. In addition, Neville defends the Cruiserweight title against Austin Aries, along with several other big title matches from "Raw." On Saturday night, the superstars for that roster invaded Portland, Maine for a live WWE event. Here's a look at who the winners and losers were ahead of next Sunday's "WrestleMania 33" pay-per-view.

WWE Portland results

A total of seven to eight WWE matches made up the card in Portland, Maine last night. To kick it off, Big Cass took on Jinder Mahal and got the win after connecting on a big boot. Golden Truth teamed up with Curtis Axel to defeat Titus O'Neil and the Shining Stars. Axel got the big pinfall win on Titus after a leg drop. Post-match, O'Neil asked for another opponent to come face him, so Sin Cara obliged and won quickly after a Swanton Bomb.

Austin Aries and Neville had a match prior to next weekend's title bout. In this one, Aries got the win after hitting the Discus Fivearm on Neville. Unfortunately, the title didn't change hands, but that could happen next weekend in Orlando, Florida at "WrestleMania."

There was a triple threat tag team title match with Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson defeating The New Day along with Sheamus and Cesaro.

The Raw women's roster also put on a match as Dana Brooke teamed up with former opponents Bayley and Sasha Banks. They took on Charlotte, Nia Jax, and Alicia Fox. Team Bayley got the win after Bayley hit her finisher on Charlotte.

Tag team main event

The main event featured several superstars who are featured in prominent "WrestleMania 33" matches.

Roman Reigns and Kevin Owens each have big matches coming up next Sunday, while Sami Zayn and samoa joe don't. However, these two could find themselves in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal or another matchup against each other.

On Saturday night, Reigns and Zayn teamed up to take on Owens and Joe. Initially, Kevin Owens was taking on Sami Zayn in a match, but a run-in by Samoa Joe caused a DQ.

That led to the heels double teaming Zayn and Roman Reigns coming to the ring to help out Sami. In the ensuing tag match, Zayn got double-teamed a lot by the heels until he finally tagged in Roman. Reigns hit the big spear on Owens for the win, sending some of the crowd home happy.

Many of these same superstars will be on hand for the final episode of "Monday Night Raw" which will take place in Philadelphia on March 27th ahead of "WrestleMania 33."