Roman Reigns is a WWE phenomenon as the wrestler who is getting a lot of good bouts, but who hasn't put in the work like many of his WWE peers. The fans are not overly fond of Reigns, and he is aware of this. For the WWE fans that do support him, he is overly thankful to them when he gets in front of a mic. So why do the fans seem to hate this guy so much?

Many think it is the WWE that created that monster, it is not Reigns as a wrestler that is considered a monster, but the phenomenon of so many hating him. As long as the WWE continues to give Reigns all these bouts without fighting his way up the ranks, wrestling fans, especially those who have been around for a long time, are becoming more and more peeved.

Reigns draws them in

For the WWE, Reigns is a big draw, he does bring in the fans despite that they love to hate the guy. With his looks and a physique that's close to perfection, he's not the guy you want to make the villain. Give Me Sports reports that wrestler Kurt Angle recently broke the code on where all the hate for Reigns has spawned from.

Wrestlers like the guy

First of all he says that not only does he like Reigns, who is a really good guy, but most of the WWE wrestlers like him too. This is despite of what you might see on the screen. Angle believes it is the WWE throwing Reigns into bouts without wrestling in the ones that traditionally you would as a wrestler. He said that the WWE fans want to see the wrestlers earn their keep and bypassing a lot of the bouts that the other wrestlers had to do, is just fueling the hate spewing from some of the fans.

WWE strategy for Reigns

He thinks the WWE is going to continue doing this and eventually when fans see that he is a good guy, those fans that hate him will eventually change their minds. But up until that point Reigns is looking at more of the same. With the talk about a Reigns and The Undertaker match for WrestleMania 33 flooding the social media, the one worry is if Reigns does end up winning.

The Undertaker is one of the most loved out of all the wrestlers and if he goes up against Reigns and Reigns wins, the backlash from that will probably be of astronomical proportions.

More of the same until tide changes?

With the WWE not willing to make Reigns into a heel and if they continue their tendency to put Reigns in bouts without climbing the steps on the ladder to get there, then Reigns has a while longer being the hated wrestler. If the wwe strategy of saturating the fans works then the fans will eventually end up liking Reigns. His WWE fans, along with people within the WWE, see this guy as a future WWE superstar.