We're down to our last three episodes of the breakout series "Riverdale," which puts a new spin on the much-loved '90s comic book series characters, Archie, Betty, Veronica, Jughead, and the rest of the Riverdale crew. With only three more episodes remaining, viewers are anticipating the reveal of who really killed Jason Blossom. The CW just released the Season Finale synopsis, which does not offer any hints at who murdered Jason, or the rumored second death that is to occur before the show ends.

Second death confirmed by Luke Perry

"Riverdale" cast members KJ Apa, who plays Archie, and Luke Perry, who plays Archie's father, Fred Andrews, were recently at WonderCon, where they were asked about the rumored second death that is set to occur before the show finalizes in a few weeks.

Perry accidentally let slip that they already know who dies on the show and that he felt like "it was too soon for them, and yet, at the same time, they deserved it." There are only two clues that viewers can pick up from his statement. One is that "too soon" may mean that it's one of the younger generation of "Riverdale" inhabitants who will meet his or her untimely death on the show. Another is that "they deserved it," which means that the character has been posing as a threat or villain for quite some time now, to deserve something so grave.

One person comes to mind with these clues, and that's "Riverdale" queen bee, Cheryl Blossom, who from the beginning always made it a point to antagonize everyone else.

Could she be the actual killer of Jason Blossom? Were the accusations thrown at her for feeling incestual love for her brother true? Did her unrequited feelings for Jason drive her to insanity and ultimately, murder?

'Riverdale' mystery killer to be revealed in season finale

Viewers of The CW breakout series have known for quite some time that Jason Blossom's murderer will definitely be revealed come to the season finale.

But the season finale synopsis offers no clues as to who he or she is. According to Screen Rant, the season finale will find Archie and Veronica getting closer than ever, and Betty getting fed up with her family being nonchalant about Polly living with the Blossoms. She finally confronts her mother—something that the series has been building up to for quite some time now.

Meanwhile, it seems that Jughead will find himself caught up in more trouble, and will have to depend on his friends to lend him a hand. Cheryl will also have to deal with some problems of her own when she discovers the truth about her family's business. "Riverdale" won't air this week, but will return next Thursday at 9 p.m. with an episode titled "To Riverdale and Back Again" on The CW.