Disney is happy with the success of its animated live-action movie “Beauty and the Beast which has already brought in more than $1B worldwide and has plans to follow the same route for “Aladdin” because such stories have a universal appeal and would always be paying propositions. Disney is in talks with will smith for the role of the genie. It appears to be the right choice because Will Smith is a versatile actor and has the power to add zing to the role.

What is the plan?

According to Deadline, the movie “Aladdin” will be a live-action musical on the lines of “Beauty and the Beast” and Will Smith would fit the role to a T.

He is not just a good actor but has a fondness for music, and he has known the world over for his musical prowess which he displayed as The Fresh Prince rapper - it all happened much before he hit the screens.

The story of “Aladdin” is not new. However, John August has written the script afresh based on the 1992 classic. The story revolves around Aladdin and Princess Jasmine and the events that follow after Aladdin comes across a magic lamp that has special properties. When it is shined up, it sets free a genie which had been trapped inside. The genie is a bigger-than-life character with the power to grant three wishes to the owner of the lamp who, in this case, happens to be Aladdin.

Disney plans to go in for a six-month shooting schedule which is expected to start in the UK in July and conclude by the beginning of next year.

Will Smith, Disney, and the genie

Will Smith was contemplating acting in “Dumbo, ” and it was in the preliminary stages of discussions, but it did not finally materialize when Disney came along with the offer of the genie in “Aladdin.” The late Robin Williams had earlier done this role.

Disney is buoyed by the grand success of adaptation of animated titles to life like the “Beauty and the Beast” and wants the trend to continue.

The producer of the new version of “Aladdin will be Dan Lin while Jonathan Eirich will be the executive producer and Guy Ritchie, he director.

The first animated version of “Aladdin” was launched 25-years ago by Disney and it had grossed nearly $504 million. It had set the stage for a successful line of merchandising and the newest version is expected to carry on with the trend.

Movies of this type have a huge fan following that range right from school kids to their grandparents and those who make such movies allow their imaginations to run wild. The creative teams have professionals who enjoy complete freedom to come up with novel ideas and situations to get the audience hooked and to keep the box office rolling.