Mary has realized too late that she doesn’t want to marry Darnley in “Reign." While she needs an heir to join England and Scotland, she doesn’t want to put her own throne at risk by marrying a man she no longer trusts. “ReignSeason 4, episode 9 brings Catherine back to Mary’s side, as the two discuss the options for the Scottish crown moving forward.

The Vatican supports Darnley’s claim to Scotland

“Reign” fans have been used to seeing women rule. Mary has long been a character to root for, whether she’s living in France or Scotland. Elizabeth is a formidable leader for England, Catherine is constantly one-step ahead of her greatest enemies, and Leeza has proven to be a force to be reckoned with.

However, the show is set in a time when people didn’t believe women could rule.

It shouldn’t have slipped anyone’s knowledge that there are no women actively advising the monarchs. While Catherine does her best, there are always men who kings and queens will listen to. It shouldn’t be that surprising that Darnley is going to get the support of the Vatican when he marries Mary. They will support his bid to be King of Scotland and not just a prince.

Catherine will help support Mary’s reign

While Darnley has the Vatican, Mary will continue to have Catherine on her side. The two prominent women have come a long way since “Reign” season 1. Once at each others’ throats, the two now support each other and will risk their lives for one another.

When it came to the realization that she couldn’t marry Darnley, it was Catherine who Mary turned to for help.

Now that Catherine is in Scotland, she has a lot of advice to give her daughter-in-law. The main advice is to keep her throne, but it looks like that is easier said than done. Of course, not for Catherine, who is willing to get up to her tricks to remove Darnley as a threat.

He will become someone the people don’t trust or want to see as king of their country.

Bothwell will continue to convince Mary away from Darnley

Catherine isn’t the only person not to trust the Englishman. Mary’s brother James (and now revealed royal watchman) Bothwell continue to share their lack of trust for Darnley. They want Mary to find another way to protect her rule in Scotland and secure rights to the English crown.

The problem is Mary believes that a child between her and Darnley will be the only way to combine the two nations.

Bothwell promises that they will find another way in this week’s trailer. As “Reign” season 4 gears up to wrap forever, there is no way of telling just how much of history the show will actually follow. Will Mary decide not to marry Darnley after all?