Just hours after the Easter Event, Niantic just announced and confirmed another new event on "Pokémon GO." According to information filtered from Japan, this new event will be launched in Summer and will bring with it the arrival of legendary Pokémon, which have been the yearning most of the fans of this successful application. It is worth mentioning that two new main features have also been announced during the event. Next, we share with you, the latest news about this new and interesting event to be released soon. Let’s see below.

Summer Event updates

According to new data leaked by a Japanese source, Niantic is about to reveal a new update, which includes a new game to kick off along with the upcoming and awaited summer event. According to information filtered by this source, this new game is related to the arrival of the Legendary Pokémon. This information is supported by two lines of the text revealed in the notifications that refer to (urban raids), where Niantic is building a new mechanical game.

These revelations, also supported by Niantic's original plans to have style inroads (MMORPG) in the game. It is good to mention that players will receive notifications or rather be warned when one of this prized Pokémon is about to make an appearance in their respective areas, which would be an ideal solution for all players to experience and experience the great experience of So acclaimed (Legendary Pokémon), in a fair way.

A new Spring Event updates coming to the game

Aside from the upcoming summer event, the source that revealed this new information, Niantic is also planning to hold a spring event, which will feature new features and exciting changes in the game, what will give a better way to the fans to keep enjoying the game. Without a doubt, the arrival of the Legendary Pokémon is great news for all fans of "Pokemon GO."

New gym games are expected to be announced on the "Pokémon GO" interaction during the spring, as published by the source.

These new interactions refer to the monitoring of Pokémon guarding the gym where players receive notifications regarding pocket fighters standing in a battle.

Additional information

Two more new exciting updates are expected, which could be launched in the packet as well as Gen 3 of Pokemon.

This is all the information known so far. Keep enjoying the game, and stay tuned for more updates as they become available.