As we all know, "Pokemon Go" has been presenting one of the other interesting features of functionality. However, one of the most important drawbacks of the application relates to the GPS spoofing. Several updates have been enabled by Niantic last months trying to solve this problem that keeps the vast majority of players restless, however, to date had not presented notable improvements. Just a few moments ago, important information was revealed, which revealed interesting details about the implementation of a new update from Niantic, to counteract this problem affecting millions of users of "Pokemon Go".

Next we share with you, everything related to this new update, as well as the new changes that will be added to the application. Let’s see below.

Pokémon Go spoofing fix

According to a source close to Niantic, the company has taken very seriously the implementation of new interesting changes in "Pokemon Go" being Gps Spoofing, one of the first to be updated by Niactic in the coming days. According to the leaked information, Niantic has already begun to take measures to restrict access to the application of Spoofers that seem to dominate some high-level gyms in a fraudulent way, causing inconvenience to other users. This new update would stop all this problem once and for all.

Niantic new strategy

Although, Niantic's strategy regarding Spoofers and Bot-users in the game are not yet confirmed, it is good to have the assertion that there is something coming into play in the future that would hopefully slow down these occupations. These new changes are expected to arrive sooner rather than later.

Additional information

Recently, Niantic has enabled a new Tweeter account, in which users will be able to report those players for improper gameplay, using a new report and a complaint form, which is enabled for the reach of all users of "Pokemon Go". However, it is good to note that before reporting any inappropriate cases, you should be sure that the person you are reporting will use spoofing techniques.

So if you realize that you are losing gyms under rather dubious circumstances, such as being kicked out of a gym while you are the only person in the area or seeing a newly taken gym very quickly and returning to level 10 without seeing anyone, there is The probability that you are dealing with Spoofers.

This is all the information known so far. Keep enjoying the game, and stay tuned for more updates as they become available.