If you believe Crazy Chloe on "The Young and the Restless" is gone for good, think again. Chloe Fisher will have no choice, except to return to genoa city. Her coming back to town will be the only way for Victor Newman to be exposed. And for the crazy one, to pay for her sins.

Genoa City in for a surprise

The residents of Genoa City are reeling from several revelations associated with Kevin Fisher's wife. First is the knowledge that she tranquilized Adam, and blew up the cabin with him inside. When confronted, Chloe hit her best friend Chelsea over the head and ran to the Newman jet hanger.

There she met with Victor who helped her get out of town. Victor's wife and two oldest children are privy to this but keeping it quiet. Finally is the fact that Mrs. Fisher sent letters to Kevin and Billy asking them to take DNA tests because one of them is Bella's father. The results indicated that Kevin is the biological dad.

"The Young and the Restless" will have no choice but to bring Chloe back to town. If she were to remain away from Genoa City, there would be no reckoning for all the wrong she and Victor have caused. No one else knows the first-hand details of the story. Therefore she is a necessary evil. Chloe will no doubt stay away for a season, as residents of Genoa City begin putting their lives back in order.

Victor will go on with is life, as if nothing is wrong. Just when everyone is settling down into new patterns, Chloe will reappear.

When she tells her tail and exposes Victor Newman, there will be shock waves throughout the town. There are already several residents who realize that Chloe could not have pulled off such a getaway without help from someone with money and connections.

It won't be long before everything is out in the open. And nothing will be the same once the truth is out.

Victor must pay

It's time Victor Newman paid for his many sins. Chloe showing up, just as Victor is settling his life down will be sweet justice. Chloe had tried to run Adam down with a car and was sent to a mental facility.

Victor unleashed her on the town, without considering her fragile state of mind, The Newman patriarch's guilt will punish him as no court can.

Even so, when his family sees his face after Chloe tells all, it will be Victor who is in shock. For Crazy Chloe to return of her volition, she will need the help of someone equally powerful as Victor Newman. The only other option is that someone from Genoa City will locate her and bring her back unwillingly. And then Victor Newman will pay for all the evil he has set in motion that has torn up his family.