The final battle is almost upon us in “Once Upon a Time,” and season 6, episode 17 will include the chance to rewrite history. Snow and Charming are finally reunited, after being put under a joint sleeping curse where only one of them can be awake at a time, but now they have to make a decision whether to walk through a magical door or not. If they do, Emma will never become the savior.

Rewriting the history means the dark curse will never be broken

“Once Upon a Time” season 6 has hinted that it will return to its roots for a long time. The very first season brought fairy tales to life in a unique way, by letting the Evil Queen win and putting them all in a magical town that nobody can ever find.

However, Emma showed up as the savior and helped to break the curse and free the town.

Now all that may be in vain. The Black Fairy is here and they all have to make a choice. Rumple makes it clear with time reversed that they will need to find the savior soon or risk the town being kept under the Evil Queen’s curse forever.

Will the Evil Queen return to ‘Once Upon a Time?'

One thing that isn’t clear is what this will mean for Regina. She made some big steps throughout the last five or so years. Once the ultimate villain, she is now one of the best heroes. She even sacrificed some of her goodness to give it to her doppelganger and help bring an end to the Evil Queen being around Storybrooke in “Once Upon a Time” season 6.

If history is reversed, Regina won’t have the chance to be good. She will be stuck in her Evil Queen ways, as she was when the show first started. She won’t even know that she was good at one time. This could also have some major effects on Henry, who arguably helped Regina become the woman and hero that she is today.

Will this change Hook?

Changing the past will likely mean that everything that has happened in recent years will change, despite the fact that Hook isn’t even in Storybrooke at the moment. It would mean that Emma and Hook would never have met and fallen in love, which means he has nothing to get back to Storybrooke for.

This could be the complete end for the show.

It's still unclear if there will be a season 7, as ratings are low and some crucial stars may not decide to sign on for more episodes.

There are many questions over what a change to the past will mean. Overall, it’s an excellent plan of the Black Fairy’s, since it will mean she can kill the savior easily. Tune in for “Once Upon a Time” season 6, episode 17 on Sunday at 8pm on ABC.