"General Hospital" fans have been waiting for a while to find out exactly what happened on Cassadine Island when Jake was being held by Helena Cassadine. The boy is scared, as seen in the drawings that he did. Jason And Elizabeth, with a little help from Franco, have finally gotten him to open up a bit. It is all about that scarecrow that he drew with him hiding from it. There has finally been a breakthrough and it is about who the scarecrow represents.

Is Jason the scarecrow or not?

Many rumors were going around that little Jake is actually scared of his daddy, Jason.

Is that true or not? Well, yes and no. Franco had figured it out that the scarecrow was really Jason and had told Elizabeth his thoughts. She talked to Jason about it and that's when he approached Jake. On Friday's episode of "General Hospital," the boy said that his dad wasn't the person who he was scared of. That seemed to blow Franco's idea out the window.

However, things changed quickly. Jason and Elizabeth sat down with Jake to look at old photos of him as a baby and his parents when they were younger. When Jake was shown Jason with his 'old' face, his demeanor changed instantly. He stiffened up and looked like he wanted to run and hide.

Jason's old face

Jason now has a completely different face, thanks to the switcheroo of actors.

Billy Miller replaced Steve Burton as Jason Morgan and they incorporated the changing of the guards into the storyline where he got a whole new makeover because of the accident he was in. It turned out that Jake somehow saw the old Jason on Cassadine Island and it scared him.

According to "General Hospital" spoilers, Jason will be on the search for all of the memories that he seems to have forgotten.

Jake remembers the old Jason pretty well, but he is okay with his daddy's new face. It is all a complicated situation. Maybe now Jason will realize that Franco is indeed trying to help his son, just like he and Liz are.

What did Jason do on Cassadine Island?

Something about Jason really scared Jake when he was on the island.

Many speculations are swirling that he and Helena Cassadine were working together. What were they doing that was so bad? Remember that Jake said that the scarecrow and the witch were friends, most likely meaning that Jason and Helena were on a friendly basis and that is usually not the case at all.

Unless, of course, there could be someone else who represents the witch. It is probably Helena, but there could be another twist coming. Helena certainly fits the bill though. Jake's adventure is finally coming to light. Viewers could very well see Helena Cassadine come back as well.

What do you think happened that scared Jake so much? Is Helena still alive after all? Be sure to keep watching "General Hospital" to see what else develops.