On "General Hospital" Nelle has made some really bad choices. She listened to lies from her father, and came to Port Charles to stick it to her older adopted sister carly. Nelle ingratiated herself to Carly's family, then set her plan in motion. She drugged Carly's husband Sonny and let him think they had slept together, when they had not. Her actions led to Sonny and Carly breaking up, and also hurt others in the family. When the truth came out, Carly was livid. She actually was over the top in her anger, and there is a reason why. Carly sees herself when she looks at Nelle.

That's why the two women butt heads.

The similarities between the almost sisters

Nelle and Carly are not related by blood, but they look alike and have similar personalities. Both of these blondes hold grudges, long and hard. When Carly first came to Port Charles, she sought revenge on her biological mother Bobbie Spencer. Rather than trying to understand why Bobbie gave her up for adoption, Carly decided to get even with her biological mom.

She slept with Bobbie's husband Tony Jones, which caused the couple to split up. It took a long time for the relationship between mother and daughter to heal. Even so, Carly's behavior continues to be reckless. This is why she so easily hit the sheets with her ex (Jax) when she believed that Sonny slept with Nelle.

Both Carly and Nelle are impetuous. They act before they think, and enjoy inflicting pain on those they believe have wronged them.

Carly needs to remember her past

During her time in Port Charles, Carly passed off Michael as the son of Jason, when his father was Jason's brother A.J. Quartermaine. She then allowed Sonny to adopt, and give the child his name, all the while doing everything she could to keep A.J.

away from his son. Carly has been treacherous in order to get her own way -- resorting to trickery and adultery when she is challenged. When she looks at Nelle, it's like looking in a mirror. Mrs. Corinthos simply cannot handle seeing herself when she looks at the young woman who was raised by the same man who raised her.

Carly's mother, two ex husbands, and son Michael have forgiven her time and time again.

Now she is judging Nelle and vowing never to forgive her. Carly needs to remember her past and embrace it. She should show a little more empathy towards young Nelle. She most definitely should stop telling the young lady to leaver her son Michael alone. She should know from her own experiences that this is the best way to push them together.