Hey, "Supernatural" fans. We've got a nice, little video spoiler clip treat (below) for you guys as the CW recently dropped it this past Thursday night for the upcoming episode 18 of this current season 12. It definitely features new,visual details of the ugly goat-headed man that was mentioned in the official press release. A young boy is spotted, just terrorized out of his freaking mind after having encountered the creature. And, of course, we see Sam and Dean on the scene, looking to put an end to this crazy goat monster madness. It looks like it will come down to what Dean does when he gets this thing looking down the barrel of his gun, and more.

Also, as previously reported, the title that was assigned to this episode is: "The Memory Remains."

It's black-billed

The new clip, starts off, giving us a glimpse at a very terrorizing scene of some kid, coming face to face with a horrid monster. After that, he's so affected by it that he's seen, crying to Dean and Sam about it. He tells them that the monster got someone. This is, no doubt, in reference to the goat-headed man that was mentioned in their press release for this episode. In the clip, the boy describes the monster as black-billed. Next, we see some more scenes with Dean and Sam in action, talking with the sheriff or whoever. He tells them that there's a god living in the basement or something.

Hello goat dude

From there, we get a scene of Sam and Dean, hitting up the basement to see what's exactly going on down there. Once they arrive, Dean is spotted, saying: "Hello, goat dude." After that, we're shown another glimpse of this mysterious and terrorizing goat-man down in the freaking basement. Then we get a scene that features Dean, immediately pulling his gun on the thing once he sees it.

I can't say that I blame him either.

How will this crazy scene play out? Will Dean end up, having to shoot it? Will the damn thing talk or attack? Unfortunately, the clip ended with Dean pulling his gun, so it didn't show any further details. We are expecting to see, at least, one more sneak peek clip get released before the show airs this week, so maybe it might show some other scenes.

We'll see. However, I do think we'll still definitely have to wait for this episode to air to find out if they have to kill this hideous creature. Be sure to check out the new clip, below, and stay tuned.

As previously reported, we can confirm that this one is set to show up this coming Thursday night, April 13th,2017 at 7pm central time on The CW.