Hey, "Prison Break" fans. We're back, this week, to give you some new, official preview spoilers for the upcoming episode 5 of season 5, straight from the office desk of the FOX marketing team. They gave us about three storylines that we need to go over. We've got some pretty interesting stuff going on here as they tell us that some major truths are going to come to light. They put that in all-caps too, so that sounds like it'll be a pretty significant event in this installment. This episode is entitled: "Contingency."

What really happened

Next, they let us know that we're going to see Lincoln be quite frustrated with trying to understand what really happened to Michael.

Will Lincoln ever be able to get past this frustration? Or will the struggle continue as they move forward. Unfortunately, that's all the intel they gave us for that storyline, so we're going to have to sit tight and wait for this thing to air to get that information.

Not too far behind

We've got some new information about C-Note in this next scoop they gave us. It turns out that he's going to bake up a new plan of escape at some point. However, there's going to be a lot of fear that comes along with it, because he will think that they might not be able to pull it off quickly enough due to the fact that Cyclops is not too far behind in trailing them.

Will they end up, trying to execute C-Note's big scheme, anyways, and take the risk?

Or will they just fall back and play it safe? The latter doesn't really sound like them, so I would expect to see the suspense rise in this scene as they attempt the damn near impossible. Unfortunately, we don't have any official confirmation, so well just have to wait and see to be absolutely sure.

Sara drama

Lastly, we've got Sara involved in this final teaser spoiler they gave us.

Apparently, she will be busy, struggling to come to grips with the idea that Michael might actually still be alive. Will she ever be able to get herself together? Or will the struggle just be too much? Those are a couple of questions for her storyline.

Fighting somebody

Alright, so that's all the written spoilers we received from FOX regarding this episode.

However, they also released some promotional spoiler pics from the episode. We've included one of them (above). It shows Michael and Lincoln in, what appears to be, some very intense action. Some of the other photos, showed Michael fighting somebody. Don't worry, he's winning.

A sturdy punch

Lincoln is spotted in a fight scene as well. He's seen, taking a gun away from some dude and smacking him with a sturdy punch to the face. Actually, most of the photos contain Michael and Lincoln in action, so be prepared to see a lot of them. There's two of the photos that give us new looks at Cyclops, doing his thing, so we'll also see him in a couple of scenes. We can also confirm that episode 5 will, for certain, be airing next Tuesday night, May 2nd at 9pm eastern standard time on FOX. Stay tuned.