Episode 2 of “Better call saul” had many references to “Breaking Bad,” including the dramatic debut of Gustavo Fring and his business Los Pollos Hermanos. Now that Gus is officially in the show, we are seeing more connections between BCS and BB.

Mike’s first encounter with Gus

Mike Ehrmantraut has been involved with the Cartel since encountering Hector Salamanca in season 2. He had been trying to kill Hector until Gus stopped him in season 2’s finally by leaving a note that read, “Don’t.” Since then, Mike has been tracking down the person who left the note, and he finally got his answer in Monday’s episode.

Mike encountered Gus for the first time, and he was told not to kill Hector but instead stop his drug-dealing business

Mike accepted Gus’ challenge to stop Hector’s business, and now we know about his relation to Gus and how he became his most trusted assassin in “Breaking Bad.” With his intelligent tactics, it seems like Mike will gain a lot of respect from Gus for his work. So now we could make the connection in “Breaking Bad” when Saul Goodman tells Walter White that he “knows a guy who knows a guy” who would buy his crystal meth in bulk. In translation, Saul or Jimmy was referring to Mike knowing Gus. It’s interesting how things are coming together.

Gus Fring’s other henchman

Although he didn’t have any dialogue in episode 3 of “Better Call Saul,” we got a small glimpse of Gus’ other henchman, Tyrus Kitt.

Don’t know who I am talking about? Tyrus was in season 4 of “Breaking Bad," showing up after Gus murdered former henchman Victor for taking too much initiative. Tyrus was in the room with Gus when Hector blew himself up in the season 4’s finale. In “Better Call Saul,” he was Gus’ driver during his meet up with Mike.

Are we soon going to see the Jimmy to Saul transformation?

The final four minutes of Monday’s episode gave us a hint as to how Jimmy becomes Saul Goodman. It appears that Jimmy’s brother, Chuck, wants him to give up his lawyering license, which seemed to be Chuck’s motive all along. Jimmy told Kim Wexler that he doesn’t want to give up his license but doesn’t want the chance of ending up in jail either.

It seems like Jimmy has a tough decision to make. Ultimately, I believe he is going to give up his lawyering license, move to Albuquerque, New Mexico under a new name, and become a corrupt lawyer known as Saul.

Better Call Saul” is finally beginning to make connections to “Breaking Bad,” much to the delight of fans. Most storylines are starting to make sense, and everything is tying in beautifully.