Hey, "Homeland" fans. We've officially got some very good news for you guys as both Deadline and Variety news outlets have reported that your favorite show has officially been given the green light for a brand new season 7!!! Crack open the champagne bottles now! In addition to that, we can also set your mind at ease for a new season 8. I know it's a bit early for that, but we thought we'd mention it as well, since they already decided to give it a season 8 too!

It happened a while back

If that weren't enough, the deal was actually struck way, way back in August 2016, a couple of months before season 6 even started airing, which shows their phenomenal faith in the show.

Our main source for this, comes from the folks over at Deadline. However, we've also got reports from Variety, confirming this wonderful news. They tell us that the deal was struck with Fox 21 TV Studios. Actually at that time, they were just getting season 6 renewed and into production, as well, which explains them getting bumped back to a January premiere instead of their usual September or October premiere.

Beyond season 8

During the big announcement, Gary Levine, who is the president for Showtime's programming, had some beautiful words to say about the show, saying that Homeland deserved to have a multi-year pickup, and that's what it got, due to the show's executive producer, Howard Gordon.

Also, the Showtime Networks president and CEO, David Nevins, said something very interesting, stating that the show could conceivably go beyond 8 seasons.

Sometime in 2018

Currently, there are no, official spoiler teasers for the upcoming season. However, be sure to keep an eye out for them, later this week, as I'm sure the press folks are going to hit up the producers to get some early details.

In fact, expect to see new cast interviews, spoiler pics and sneak peek clips in the upcoming weeks and months. Currently, no exact premiere date has been announced for the new season 7. However, we have gotten a little bit of information from the show's official wikia page that tells us we won't being seeing season 7 until sometime in 2018.

If this news holds true, it looks like we may see another January premiere for next season as well. No moving it back to its previously held October premiere.

Another 12 episodes confirmed

Last year, they decided to go ahead and bump up "Shameless" into the October premiere slot to replace Homeland after it got the late renewal for season 6, so it looks like they're going to keep that same thing going in 2017. The wikia page also confirmed that we'll be getting another set of 12 episodes for the new season, so no big surprises there. Alright, that's all we've got for now, but again, definitely stay tuned, because more season 7 intel is expected to come out of the woodworks in the next week or so, maybe even sooner.