Britney Spears is the most popular pop princess in the world and concert-goers have gone crazy for her when the beauty declared her next concert is going to be in Israel. In fact, the American pop icon has become so famous in Israel that she was the reason for delaying the election of one of the biggest parties in Israel.

Spears' first concert in Israel at Tel Aviv’s Exhibition Grounds is scheduled on July 3, the same day as the Labor Party's primary election. So, for security reasons, the election was postponed one day just for her.

Election is scheduled for July 4

"We delayed the date of election one day and is now rescheduled on July 4. We could not hire enough security guards for the election because of the Britney Spears concert," the Labor Party spokesman Lion Zach told local media.

"There will also be a lot of traffic and blockades that will make voting difficult," Zach added. The Labor party has moved the election date just for her to avoid the battle with the queen's performance. In fact, it seems the party is not willing to fight with her popularity.

As per the reports, the officials were concerned mainly with two factors: traffic and security. There would be a vast traffic jam of Britney Spears fans and it would make things more difficult.

Finally, the Labor party has rescheduled the vote and the party tends to cast ballots on July 4. One of the officials at the Labor party said that the new date July 4 will suit them as it marks the American Independence Day.

The concert

On the other hand, this is the first time Britney Spears is performing in Israel and also marks her first world tour since 2011.

Reportedly, Britney is also scheduled to perform in The Philippines and Japan as part of her Asian tour.

Coming to the show, the concert is going to be held at Hayarkon Park, in front of the Convention Center where party meetings are usually held. The tickets for the event are in high demand as expected and almost sold out. The VIP lounge tickets to the show have a price tag of nearly $400.

Reportedly, seven competitors are jockeying to push incumbent Isaac Herzog, including the former Labor chairman, and defense minister MK Amir Peretz, the member of the Knesset Erel Margalit and former chief of a military section Sayeret Matkal. This initial election proposes to elect the subsequent chairperson of the Labor Party, and finally, it also, in turn, elects the Prime Minister of Israel.