"The Bold and the Beautiful" fans are on the edge of their seats. Friday culminated a week of tense moments for the Forrester clan. Brooke called off her wedding after seeing Ridge kiss his stepmom Quinn. The two have been kissing and touching for weeks now, but have done nothing more. Katie who is also in on the dirty little secret is dying to tell Eric. All 4 of these individuals were in the presence of Eric Forrester, but no one said a word. Somehow Quinn and Ridge convince the Logan sisters to keep quiet, but fans know it will not be for long.

Keeping secrets

One thing viewers know about secrets on daytime drama's is, they always come out. So it's not a matter of if, but when, the big reveal will be made public. None of the quartet desire to hurt Eric, who is the patriarch of the family. Quinn is his wife, and she does love him. Her son Wyatt recently divorced Steffy who is Eric's granddaughter, and also Ridge's daughter. Brook is Eric's once and future daughter- in-law, who at one time was married to Eric herself. Ridge is the stepson he raised as his own, and gave the Forrester name. Katie is Brooke's sister, and Ridge's former wife, who seems to have a small crush on Eric herself. This is a tangled web with a lot of connections, and the entire lot of them know how to keep secrets.

The cat will eventually be let out of the bag, but by whom?

Who will reveal all?

The most likely candidate to tell all is Katie, because she admits she wants to. She has also been badgering Brooke to tell Eric about his wife and son. "The Bold and the Beautiful" however often surprises the audience. While we are expecting one thing, they go in an entirely different direction.

When the truth is revealed, there will be fallout all around. R.J., Ridge and Brooke's son, will be devastated that his father is the reason his parents were not re-married. Dollar Bill Spencer will give us that cocky, knowing grin and say "I told you so." He has been saying all along that Mr. Forrester was only going to break Brooke's heart.

Wyatt will be embarrassed that his mother's wicked ways have not been diminished by the love of a good man. Charlie and Pam will realize they have been right all along, and hope crazy Quinn will be kicked to the curb. Most of all Eric himself will become undone. He ignored all the warnings and went with his heart. Perhaps the Forrester patriarch will find out on his own. He might catch Ridge and Quinn in a lip-lock, or worse. The star-crossed lovers are destined to take their feelings to the next level. It's inevitable that they will give in to their passion, and who better to see the deed being done than Papa Forrester? Eric had a heart attack not long ago, so if he sees his son with his wife, it would no doubt send him back to the ER in true "B&B" fashion.