Alright, so we've got this new set of small spoiler teasers in from Showtime for their upcoming "Homeland" episode 11 of season 6. They gave us three, very small storylines to work with here. From what we can tell, it sounds like they'll deliver up some very interesting scenarios as we'll be seeing Max, running into some trouble while on the job. Quinn and Carrie stumble upon something that could be huge, and more!

They've got Romeo in the title

They gave us a pretty weird-sounding title for this installment, naming it: "R Is for Romeo." According to their official teaser description, we're going to see some sort of discovery get made by Carrie and Quinn at some point.

They didn't say anything else about what this discovery could be or anything. So, it could be a big discovery or nothing special at all. Those will definitely be the big questions for this storyline for sure.

Keane's going to do something

Next, we find out that Keane will be in action in , at least, one of these freaking scenes. All that they tell us about her, is that she's going to make a decision at some point. The obvious questions that we're left with, here, is what will she be deciding? Is it really important? What or who will this decision effect? It's definitely got us intrigued. Hopefully, we'll get some more intel on that, tonight, in one of the three spoiler clips that Showtime is expect to drop after episode 10 finishes up.

Be sure to check the show's official Youtube channel for those.

Problems at work

Lastly, this third and final teaser reveal, lets us know that we're going to see Max run into some sort of trouble while at his place of work. Again, they provided no extra details about what type of trouble this will be, or if he'll be able to get himself out of it.

So, those will be two questions that we'd like to see get answered in this episode, or as soon as possible.

Ok, that's going to do it for our little spoiler session for the 11th installment, but again, be sure to look out for those spoiler clips later on, tonight, after episode 10 wraps up. Also, we can confirm that episode 11 is, indeed, due to hit the airwaves Next Sunday night, April 2nd, 2017 at 9pm eastern standard time on Showtime. Stay tuned.