Recently, the folks over at Deadline, got to chat up the "Homeland" showrunner, Alex Gansa, to get some new season 7 spoilery intel out of him. He mentioned that the season 6 finale was supposed to provide hints for what will be happening in the next, two seasons 7 and 8. They're also trying to decide on a Russian , Israeli, or American storyline. There is a very slight possibility of a Brody backstory at some point, but I wouldn't hold my breathe on that, and more.

Some more Brody stuff, maybe

The first thing that Alex mentioned in regards to any future seasons, is that there's always a possibility that they could bring Brody back at some point, saying that he was a very important part of Carrie's past, and that it might be worth exploring in some way, shape, or form.

Maybe in a flashback or something along those lines. However, he followed that up by saying that he thinks Carrie has really matured well past the frame of mind that she had when she was dealing with Brody, and for that reason, he thinks that Brody will remain just a part of her past.

The final progression

Next, Alex mentioned that he wants seasons 7 and 8 to be the final progression of the series. He also hopes to turn both those seasons into one big story. Elaborating on that, he told them that they're currently in the very early stages of plotting out the final two seasons. They're contemplating, telling a Russian, Israeli, or American storyline. They're actually making a research trip to Washington D.C.

later this month, and he said, that will play a big role in whatever they decide to do. He also mentioned that they'll be looking at what's actually happening in the real world to possibly influence their new storylines. They try to delay their writing and production schedule as much as they can, so that they can make their storylines as close to current events as possible.

A possible civil war

At one point, Aex told them that he wanted the season 6 finale to tease what will be going down in seasons 7 and 8. So, if that holds true, it looks like we could see a "civil war" between the White House and the U.S. intelligence community, following the assassination conspiracy against first female president, Elizabeth Keane.

Alright, so that's pretty much all of the intel that Alex would reveal for any future seasons. As previously reported, the show is currently renewed for both seasons 7 and 8 with a possibility of more even though Alex references 7 and 8 as being the final, two seasons. Also, in regards to the premiere date for season 7, it definitely does look like we might not see it air until 2018 due to the schedule switch-up that took place in 2016 where they had "Shameless" take over Homeland's usual Fall debut, so they could give "Homeland" a writing extension after having received a very late renewal announcement in August 2016. But who knows? Maybe things could change between now and then. We do know the show's official Wikia page already has the season 7 premiere,listed for 2018, so we'll see. Stay tuned.