Alright, "Homeland" peeps. We got the very short synopsis for the upcoming finale episode 12 of the current season 6 in from the Showtime folks. And man, were they stingy with this one. They only gave us one storyline teaser to go with, and it's not really much of anything. They definitely want to keep most of this episode a secret. They did also drop some teaser pics, so we can draw a little more intel from those, but not much. Anyways, we learned that everything is going to certainly come together in this last episode.

It's "America First"

They also supplied us with a title for this thing.

It's called: "America First. " In their official teaser synopsis, they do confirm that this 12th installment is, indeed the season ender by telling us that it's the season finale. Then they mention that pieces are going to fall into place. They didn't mention which pieces will fall into place, or anything else for that matter. They just left us with that very vague information. So, the big questions for this episode, is what pieces are we going to see fall into place? Will they be important pieces? Are they going to leave us with a big cliff hanger. It's definitely going to be interesting to find out.

Some new pics info

Now, as I mentioned ,earlier, we did get a look at a couple of photos for this one, and we see the main chick, Carrie, in most of them.

They feature, mostly, just facial shots of her. However, there is one that looks quite interesting, featuring her in a scene with Keane, looking at a message or something on her cell phone. Whatever it is, you can certainly tell that it's important, so look for that scene to probably be very crucial.

Alright, guys. That's all that Showtime served up for the season 6 finale in their press release, but there is going to be some extra info to pop up later on, tonight, because we expect them to drop their usual three, new preview/spoiler clips after episode 11 gets done airing, so definitely be on the look out for those on the show's official Youtube channel about a couple of hours after tonight's episode ends. One more thing. We can officially confirm that the finale episode 12 is scheduled to air next Sunday night, April 9th,2017 at 9pm eastern standard time on Showtime. Stay tuned.