Hey, "Grey's Anatomy" folks. ABC was recently very kind enough to give us another one of their spoilery episode synopsis. This time, it's for the upcoming episode 22 of season 13. It features three storyline teasers that we can expect to see take place. It turns out that we're going to see some very, very important choices get made by Ben and Stephanie at some point. A poor patient with a very serious cancer condition, will be featured, so that sounds pretty depressing. The drama will pick up quite a bit when Eliza and Alex start disagreeing on how to treat a patient.

"Leave it Inside"

Before we get started with this description, we do have a title for this one that we should mention. It's being called: "Leave It Inside." They started this one out by telling us, in all caps, that Ben and Stephanie are going to end up, making some decisions that are so freaking huge to the point that it could actually affect their careers! What could these big decisions consist of? What will they chose to do? Those are the burning questions for this particular storyline. And since they made sure to boldly highlight it, I would look for this to be, most-likely, the main storyline.

Giant heart tumor sadness

Next, they let us know that we're going to see a poor patient that has been afflicted with what they're calling a giant heart tumor that is completely inoperable!

Andrew and April will have the difficult task of having to consult with this patient about what will happen next. What will Andrew and April end up, telling this poor soul? Will they have any good news for this person? Or will they have to tell this person to get their will in order? Those are the very heavy questions for this storyline that seems like it could turn out to be quite sad.

A young patient

Lastly, they revealed that we'll be seeing some heavy Eliza and Alex drama, going down in this one, telling us that they're going to run into a situation with a young patient, and will start arguing over what treatment they should administer to this patient. There was no intel on whether or not they will be able to get past this issue.

So, that will definitely be a big question mark for this situation. Also, what will be the problem with this patient?

Hopefully, we might be able to catch a glimpse of some more intel when ABC drops the new preview clip for this episode later on, tonight, after episode 21 wraps up. You'll definitely want to look for that, because the preview clips usually do deliver up extra details. This episode was directed by Zetna Fuentes, and it was written by Elisabeth R. Finch.

Featured above, is one of the official photos for episode 22. Ben and Stephanie looking pretty upset in it. Episode 22 is scheduled to air next Thursday night, May 4th,2017 at 7pm central time on ABC. Stay tuned.