The NBA MVP Award has been a major topic of debate for months now, with several star players leading the arguments over who deserves it most. In June, the award winner will finally be announced, and one of hip-hops biggest stars will be on hand to help with that announcement. Drake has recently been reported as participating in the first-ever NBA Awards show, scheduled for June 26th.

Drake's resume

Drake, real name Aubrey Graham, is a former TV actor who starred on the hit show "Gravedale High." However, he also embarked on a career in hip-hop music which has now made him a megastar with quite the bank account to go with it.

Drake is a featured guest rapper on a who's who of other hip-hop stars today, and sells millions of copies of his digital albums and songs. His latest release is "More Life" which continues to be among the top albums on the charts. He's also slated to appear on DJ Khaled's new album "Grateful" which has yet to receive a release date.

The rap star Drake is also well-known for his love of the sport of basketball, showing up at various games for the Kentucky Wildcats, and of course his home team, the Toronto Raptors. He helped serve as the official host when the city of Toronto hosted the All-Star game several years ago and has been featured in various events since then. On June 26, he'll be at the awards show even though there may not be any awards going to his beloved Raptors.

Who will win the MVP?

Right now, its been a close battle involving Oklahoma City Thunder star Russell Westbrook and Houston Rockets star James Harden. While Westbrook seems to hold the edge after a historic season, the recent playoffs matchup involving the two players may say otherwise.

Westbrook averaged a triple-double for the season, a feat that hasn't been accomplished in 50 years, with Oscar Robertson the last player to do so.

These two are the only players in NBA history to have that distinction. In addition, Westbrook's 42 triple-doubles in a season of 82 games set the mark for most triple-doubles in a regular season, ever.

However, James Harden nearly averaged a triple-double of his own and led his Rockets' team to the No. 3 seed in the Western Conference.

They took on Westbrook and the OKC Thunder for that first round matchup, and just recently eliminated them 4-1. With that, many people feel that Harden has made his case for being able to lead a team to wins when they matter most.

The winner of the NBA MVP Award will be announced by Drake on June 26th along with a handful of other big awards. Those will include the NBA Defensive Player of the Year, Rookie of the Year, and Coach of the Year.