Things are really going to heat up on "The Bold and the Beautiful" this week. At the end of last week, everyone saw that Thomas now knows that Sally Spectra stole their decisions for her new fashion show. The things on that runway were obviously not what she made considering they were totally different and looked just like the Forrester designs.

How will things go down between Thomas and Sally next week?

Things are going to start out with Thomas yelling at her saying, "You betrayed my family! That’s our entire collection on your runway!" They didn't want RJ at the event or Thomas, but he actually showed up to support Sally and then found out the truth.

Sally will try to explain to him that she just wanted to save her family's company. The thing is they haven't been around for years, and Sally started over doing it this way.

Coco Spectra is going to be really upset about it all. She had no idea what was going on and when she finds out that she was involved, she will not be happy at all about this twist. Everyone will have to wait and see how RJ reacts to it. Hopefully, she won't lose him over it. The fact that Coco didn't know what was going on may be enough to save her relationship with RJ.

The thing is Jarrett is smart and he obviously picked up on the fact that these do not look like Spectra creations. The glowing review that they were hoping for probably isn't going to happen now.

If he writes the review, he will probably be brutally honest. Saul is going to end up talking to him about it all. Jarrett seen saying, "I have some questions about this remarkable collection and the new direction that Spectra is taking." If you even look at what Sally Spectra wears, it is obvious that this is a totally different line of clothing than she has done in the past.

It really did look like Thomas had found love with Sally. It is going to take a lot for her to find a way to win him back over. They are a great match, but the fact that she screwed him over like this could be enough to ruin it all between them. Thomas may never be able to forgive her for what she did to him. This betrayal is one of the worst, but hopefully it was discovered before it causes too many problems in the fashion industry.

Are you happy that Thomas finally found out the truth about what was going on with Sally Spectra? Do you think that he can ever forgive her? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of "The Bold and the Beautiful" weekdays on CBS.