Hollywood divorces are rarely pretty. Most get downright nasty. This is the case with Mel B's and Stephen Belafonte's ongoing divorce. Mel B has now accused her soon-to-be ex-husband of being involved in the porn industry. She has also accused him of letting a killer sleep in their daughter's bed.

Mel B's attorney indicated several times, in court, Stephen Belafonte is connected to porn. The attorney eluded Belafonte is possibly shooting the porn himself. There is an alleged paper trail of that proves he has been renting places in the Los Angeles area where he films pornographic movies.

Killer in Madison's bed

The porn allegations are in addition to the claims of domestic abuse and the three-way sexual relationship with their former nanny. It has also been made public Stephen Belafonte allowed a man who served time in prison to be in the family's home.

It was also alleged the man was allowed to sleep in Madison, Mel B's and Belafonte's daughter, bed. The man, True Life, is a rapper and friend of Belafonte's. Mel B is holding nothing back as she tries to divorce her husband. In addition to the divorce, Mel B is also trying to keep all of her children away from Belafonte.

The domestic violence allegations may be proven to be true. Several people have come forwarded, stating they saw Mel B with bruises.

This includes one of the former Spice Girls' make-up artist. It was also reported that Simon Cowell, a judge on “America's Got Talent” with Mel B, spoke to her about the bruises he saw on her body.

Eddie Murphy's daughter caught up in divorce drama

She appears to be succeeding in keeping him away from her children. The judge has ordered Stephen Belafonte is not allowed to have any visitations with Angel, Mel B's daughter with actor and comedian Eddie Murphy.

At the time of publication, it was unknown how Eddie Murphy reacted to his daughter not being able to have any contact with her stepfather. Despite this, Stephen Belafonte has been granted monitored visitation with his daughter, Madison.

At the time of publication, it was unknown if this latest development in the divorce will change due to the new allegations Mel B has brought up against Stephen Belafonte.

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