Powerless” fans rejoice! Season 1 returned this week with an all new episode to NBC. This was uncertain going into the week, considering the unexpected and unexplained cancellation last week. Episode 6 “I’ma Friend You” focused on Emily and Jackie’s blossoming friendship, while Van attempted to find out just who had used his personal toilet.

The show had some high hopes, but quickly failed to meet expectations in the crucial first two episodes. While NBC’s “Powerless” has now found its footing (albeit with some childish humor at times) it may be a little too late.

It looks like the show may be cancelled and the network is partially to blame for that.

Unexpected cancellations make it harder for ‘Powerless’ to gain footing

There’s no denying that a new show needs all the help it can get. It doesn’t matter what network it is on. While there are some shows like “This Is Us” and “Riverdale” do take off, the majority of them struggle. They need a constant airing week to week, so that audiences tune in and connect with the characters.

“Powerless” season 1 hasn’t had that chance. After a scheduled break two weeks ago, fans tuned into NBC last week just to find out that it had been cancelled at the last minute. Even one of the executive producers thought it was going to be on until a few minutes before the timeslot.

Viewing ratings too low for ‘Powerless’ season 2

Now there are plenty of questions about what this means for a second season. Right now it is too difficult to tell whether the show will be renewed. The ratings aren’t that good. At 1.1m in the 18-49 demographic, it is a danger sign. It did start at around 1.29m, which is the same as already confirmed renewed “The Good Prince,” but that may not be good enough.

If the ratings stick to where they are now, it is possible that the network will approve another season. However, there are still many other shows that have finished their first seasons and are still waiting for news. “Timeless” and “Emerald City” are both hit or miss regarding sophomore years.

Stay tuned for more information about NBC’s “Powerless” Season 2 possibilities.