Michael Muhney did a great job in the role of Adam Newman, but it didn't last. They killed him off and then Justin Hartley played the role for a while. Justin then left the role to be on the hit show "This Is Us." Now there are some rumors flying that Michael Muhney could return in the role and he just did something on Twitter that makes the fans think it could be true.

What did Michael Muhney reveal?

The fans are always messaging Michael and asking if he will be coming back to the show and if so when. On April 6, Michael shared a photo that simply showed him on the set of "The Young and the Restless," but it was an older one.

It got the fans talking again and wondering if he would be back. Of course, they want him back on the show. He said he was showing off a hospital bracelet on his arm for his son's birthday and then said, "That Rolex watch wasn’t mine. It’s Adam Newman’s watch… a gift from his mother, Hope." The fans want more info on if he will be back and of course, didn't just let it go after he said that. Michael kept teasing them.

One fan tweeted to him and said, “I want Michael Muhney back as Adam! If I had 3 wishes that would be 1 of them.” The actor tweeted back, “You could also wish for more wishes… then you’d have bonus wishes and would never regret wasting a wish on silly old me.” The fans went crazy talking about how bad they want him back, that is when Michael did something that made everyone wonder if he might really return to the show again.

Fans have been begging for Michael to come back ever since he left the show.

Then a bit later in April another tweet made fans go crazy. A fan said to him that all that they want from him is a tweet saying he is coming back to the show. Muhney tweeted back to them saying simply “Okay.” This had everyone going nuts thinking that he might be coming back.

He didn't deny the fact that he could be back on the show again in the future. Everyone wants to know what is going on, but Michael isn't saying at all. That is all he said to them. The idea of Michael back as Adam for May sweeps is one that the fans would love to have happen. It would be great, but so far, there is no confirmation.

If it is going to happen, you know that it will be during sweeps for sure.

Justin Hartley has obviously moved on and isn't coming back. He is very happy with his time on "This Is Us" and when he left it sounded like he was done with the show totally. Justin is doing a great job on this show and he is happy to be there. This means for Adam Newman to come back, they need someone new or to bring back Michael Muhney once again. You never know what will happen on this show honestly. It wouldn't be shocking at all if they brought back Adam Newman, but Michael didn't leave on good terms, so they might decide to do it with another new actor once again. The fans want Michael, but they also love the character.

Do you feel like Michael Muhney could come back in the role of Adam Newman? Do you want to see him return? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of "The Young and the Restless" weekdays on CBS. If Michael is coming back, hopefully, the spoilers will come out before it happens. Everyone wants him to return once again.