"Young and Restless" spoilers tease that Dylan (Steve Burton) could be coming back to Genoa City in the next few months. Social media has been buzzing about the possibility that CBS is working tirelessly to recast the role to bring him back to genoa city. At the time of this writing, CBS has not announced any casting call that fit Dylan's character.

Dylan didn't die

The biggest clue that "Young and Restless" planned to bring Dylan back, at some point, was the fact he didn't die. They could have killed him off, but they didn't. Instead, they had him go into the Witness Protection Program to protect him family from the bad guys.They could say that the men looking for him are dead or in prison, giving Dylan a way to come home.

It would be an interesting story because Nick (Joshua Morrow) and Faith would see that Sharon was actually trying to protect Dylan, not drive him away.

No Dylan and no Adam is not good for the show

Many "Young and Restless" fans aren't happy with the show right now. Justin Hartley left the show to work on the hit TV show, "This Is Us." And, now Steve Burton is gone. Many fans have stated that the show isn't the same without them and hope that the showrunners are planning to recast both roles. According to TV Insider, Sally Sussman, the head writer of the soap opera, stated that she didn't have plans to recast the role of Adam and wasn't going to change Christian's paternity.

It sounds like she will keep Christian as Nick's son, not reveal that his birth father was Adam.

What's next for the 'Young and Restless'?

For now, "Y&R" fans have accepted that Dylan and Adam are no longer part of the series and hope the showrunners will recast their roles in the next few months.

Adam and Dylan both are vital to the show's success because they bring conflict within the Newman family. Justin Hartley stated that he wished the new Adam, whenever they recast, well and hope they enjoy the character as much as he did.

"Young and Restless" fans, do you think the soap opera will recast Dylan?

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