melanie griffith, 59 was interviewed by Porter magazine for their issue which hits newsstands on April 7. Griffith opened up about her recent life, including her much-regretted cosmetic surgery, how she fought addition in her life and also how she is doing since her divorce from Antonio Banderas.

Cosmetic surgery mistakes

As reported by Starts at 60, Griffith said she didn’t realize her cosmetic surgery was a mistake until people started exclaiming, asking, “what has she done.” She said she was very hurt by what people said and headed off to a different doctor who she asked to get rid of the “sh**” another woman doctor has done to her.

Griffith says she hopes she looks more normal now.

Griffith’s battle with addiction

Griffith went on to talk about her battle with addiction, including a stint in rehab. However she says that during that dark time she was always there for her children, 31-year-old Alexander Bauer, 27-year-old Dakota Johnson and Stella Banderas, 20. She said she wasn’t an out-of-it, “drunk-on-the-floor” addict and managed to be a totally functioning mom. She says there were probably some things she should have done for the kids, but mostly she was there for them.

Love life after Antonio Banderas

Griffith says she takes responsibility for her divorce from Antonio Banderas, 56, after being married for 19 years.

She said she thinks her marriage fell apart was because she was “stuck,” adding that no one else is to blame for their split. Melanie says she won’t let that happen to her again as she wants to enjoy life, doing whatever she wants to do. She did admit, however, that she is slow to get back to the dating scene, adding that she is shy with men now.

Griffiths reportedly hasn’t met anyone in the nearly two years since her divorce and doesn’t go on dates.

Melanie did admit to having a “thing” with a couple of Hollywood actors in the past, however, including Jack Nicholson, Warren Beatty and Ryan O’Neal. She said they were all awesome and that she is still pretty much friends with them all.

It seems she is also still friends with her ex-husband, as she reportedly sent a throwback photo to Banderas to his official Instagram page @antoniobanderasoficial with a message wishing him a happy birthday, and referring to him as her “ruggedly handsome ex-husband." According to ET, she ended that message with the words “I will always love you.”