Oscar-winning filmmaker Roman Polanski has lost his latest chance at returning to the United States. According to the most recent ruling, Polanski, who is currently a fugitive of the California justice system, will remain as such for the time being. The filmmaker will be unable to return to the United States without being jailed for the 40-year-old rape case. The order denying Polanski’s request to resolve the case was denied by California Superior Court Judge Scott Gordon late Monday, April 3. This ruling follows a March 20 hearing, and the 13-page ruling was processed but was not made publically available.

Polanski’s crime

In 1977 Polish-born Polanski was arrested for having sex with a 13-year-old girl after giving her alcohol and sedatives, which is Statutory Rape. He pleaded guilty in a plea bargain and did some jail time, but it was short-lived. In 1978, Polanski fled the U.S, believing the judge on his case was preparing to sentence him to a lengthy prison stay. Since then, his travel has been restricted to France, where he lives, Switzerland, and Poland. If Polanski were to ever return to the U.S, he could be arrested and detained on sight. As it stands currently, the filmmaker refuses to go back to the United States until the courts can assure him that he will not be detained or jailed upon return.

What’s next?

Judge Gordon has set April 26 as the date for the next hearing to make a ruling on Polanski’s request to unseal testimony from a Los Angeles deputy he believes will benefit him. Polanski believes the deputy’s testimony contains information that is vital to his case and needs to be made available to the public. His attorney is actively attempting to convince the courts to honor the original plea deal and ultimately consider Polanski’s time served, considering the time that has elapsed since the Crime.

The victim, 50-year-old Samantha Geimer says that she's forgiven Polanski and believes he should be allowed to return to the country. So far, courts in Switzerland and Poland have declined all U.S requests for Polanski’s extradition.