Melanie Griffith is reportedly in search for the fountain of youth and is willing to go to any and all extremes to remain eternally young looking, even if that means undergoing bizarre medical treatments.

Melanie Griffith obsessed with looking young?

Radar Online reports that Melanie Griffith and ex-husband Don Johnson were together at a German clinic visiting a doctor who specializes in "fountain of youth" cures and stem cell therapy for those desiring to stay forever young on the outside. The private clinic ACQUA Klinik located in Leipzig is said to cater to the wealthy and famous who are willing to forgo the cost and go to any extremes to look young.

In a private consultation, Melanie and Don (sans Don's current wife) had a secret consult with Dr. Augustinus Bader a professional and specialist in stem cell technology. Dr. Bader claims he has a "miracle cure" to halt the aging process, something that Melanie (59), and Don (69) are both reportedly obsessed with.

Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson's secret trip to Germany

The secret meeting has also had many fans questioning if Johnson and Griffith could also be planning their third attempt at love. The secret doctor's appointment allegedly took place on January 19th according to a Radar informant.

"Don and Melanie arrived at midnight, then checked into the Steigenberger Grandhotel in the city center.

They didn't leave their suites until late in the afternoon."

The former couple then left around 4 p.m. and were admitted by Dr. Bader, spending an hour as his "private guests." The source also claims that according to the doctor's rep, both Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson are huge fans of the doctor's stem cell technology procedures.

This stem cell procedure, or "miracle" ointment is not available in the United States and was originally developed to aid burn victim wounds -- healing them faster by accelerating the skin regeneration process.

The source also added that on January 20th the Dr. made a visit to Johnson's hotel room and spent a considerable amount of time there.

Johnson is currently married to wife of 17-years Kelley Phleger, and Melanie Griffith is single after divorcing husband Antonio Banderas in 2014. Do you believe Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith are dangerously obsessed with turning back time, and if true, is this German medical procedure taking things too far?