Michelle Dubois took it upon herself to post a warning to her Facebook page for all Undocumented Immigrants who live in Brockton, Massachusetts. She told them to stay off the street and not to answer their doors if it's anyone they don't know, as ICE agents will be embarking on raids in Brockton, today, Wednesday, March 29.


Despite spawning fury from government officials, regular citizens are outraged that she would use her place as a public official to undermine the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents. She put the citizens of her town in danger by posting this, which is a rumor that she never attempted to validate before passing along this warning.


Dubois said on her Facebook page that she was told by a friend from the Latin community that ICE agents would be carrying out raids around Brockton today, reports the Washington Times. She told reporters that she felt it was her duty to warn the undocumented immigrants ahead of time. This warning is seen as a potentially dangerous act and she is accused of setting up a situation that could incite panic over nothing but a rumor. As of 3 p.m. on Wednesday, reports state that there is no sign of ICE raids in that city.

Undermined law enforcement

Her post drew many critical comments about her deed and people around the nation offered up their views over this potentially harmful reveal, rumor or not.

Bristol County Sheriff Thomas Hodgson was addressing a House subcommittee in D.C. over the country's sanctuary cities when he brought up Dubois and what she had done. Hodgson said that "It completely undermines law enforcement."

According to the Boston Herald, ICE officials said that they do not randomly do raids, sweeps or checkpoints.

They also do not release any information on their operations. Shawn Neudaur, who is a spokesperson for the New England office of ICE, had a response in connection to DuBois' Facebook warning.

Incites panic

He said that any person whose actions incite panic or spark fear of law enforcement is doing the community a disservice. It was not hard to see that this woman is not a Trump supporter, as she assigned him the blame for the ICE raids that never materialized, or they hadn't by late afternoon on Wednesday.

Pushing back at the outrage and adamantly defending her deed, DuBois said, “This post is just to spread awareness of the seriousness of the new immigration policies instituted by Trump."