Hillary Clinton came out of the woods and from the way she looked one might surmise she jumped on a Harley to get to her latest event. There's no doubt that Hillary is still longing to take control of the White House, she even admitted this to the audience at the diversity conference in San Francisco on Tuesday.

Biker-inspired attire?

According to CNN Politics, Hillary told the crowd that there was no where that she would rather be than with them right now. She then added, "other than the White House." Hillary delivered the keynote address to that conference and she was able to weave criticism for trump throughout her speech.

Trump bashing

She had so much to say about Trump, his policies and his administration. Gloating over what she considers a "victory" with Trump pulling his Obamacare repeal bill from the House, she described Trump as attempting to replace Obamacare with a "disastrous bill." Hillary mocked the bill being designed by the Trump administration by saying "Really? Take away maternity care?" Then she asked, "Who do these people talk to?"

Right there is a good example of how rumors start, Hillary suggested that Trump's administration wants to take away maternity care, which is not true.

What Trump's administration wants to do is not make people pay for things in a healthcare plan that they will never use -- maternity care. Why insist that senior citizens have maternity coverage, a coverage they will never use?


It was easy to see Hillary was pretty pleased with herself, as she was caught demonstrating some strange facial expressions.

It was almost as if she was having a moment of pure ecstasy up there on stage, that is how happy the woman looked, as seen below. She's also back to opening her arms as if she is embracing the world with a welcome, much like what was seen during her ill-fated campaign.

Maternity coverage for senior citizens?

Trump's idea is not to take away maternity coverage, except maybe for those past their child-bearing years.

Instead of saying that, the leather-donning Hillary planted a seed that Trump's insurance will mean those having babies in the future won't be covered. While she didn't say this, the way she framed "maternity coverage" under Trump's bill seemed to suggest that that might be the case.

The headlines noted Hillary's seemingly second wind in politics, describing her on stage as Hillary "speaks up" and Hillary "makes most political remarks since losing election." Vogue described her outfit as redefining grandma-boss style."

Biker grandma-style

Vogue paints Hillary as having both a "bold new look" and a "bold message." Gone was her traditional solid color pantsuit that she's always been known for, but during her campaign it became the topic of a daily watch. Vogue also described her outfit as having a "biker influence." There you have it -- all she was missing was Bruce Springsteen's song "Born to Run" playing in the background!