"Limitless" Season 2 renewal has been a hot topic for the fans of the series ever since CBS decided to scrap the project. The disappointment brought about by the cancellation did not hamper the fans' desire for a season renewal, even if it entails the series transferring to another network. According to reports, the showrunners have also not given up, lobbying the series to other networks and streaming sites like FOX and Amazon. The fate of season 2 may still be floating in the air but despite the uncertainty, the fans of the series are hopeful that it will be able to find a new home soon.

Fortunately, there is a light at the end of the tunnel as reports have begun circulating that Amazon has taken an interest in the said series.

However, before fans begin jumping up and down for joy, it appears that they will still have to wait for quite some time as Amazon and the showrunners are reportedly still in talks and negotiating on how they will continue the series. Will they take it from the ending of season 1? Or will "Limitless" season 2 have an overall rebranding?

New network, new characters

The first season revolved mostly on the protagonist, Brian Finch. Now that "Limitless" season 2 might be moving to a new network, there are speculations that aside from Brian Finch, new characters might be introduced to make way for a series rebrand and to serve as plot extensions.

The sensitivity of the plot that involves the mysterious drug, NZT, has also sparked controversies. Critics have been hitting the series for allegedly encouraging young viewers to try and take drugs in real life. There were even speculations that this was one of the reasons why CBS decided to scrap the series. However, it has never been confirmed so the issue remains unresolved.

No more NZT, side-effects of mysterious drug to be explored in season 2

With the possible detour off the plot in "Limitless" season 2, the mysterious drug, NZT, might be slowly removed from the storyline. Brian Finch's new adventures might have to revolve on the side effects of the drug. Further, Sen. Edward Mora, played by Bradley Cooper, might also face problems in season 2 now that NZT will be removed from the storyline.

Taking away NZT from the storyline is considered to be a risky move for the series as it is admittedly the glue that has been holding the story and characters together. However, if removing it from the plot will be the reason for its renewal, it's going to be a worthy risk that the showrunners must take. As of writing, showrunners for the series have yet to confirm its status on Amazon.