It was in April 2016 when the final episode of American comedy-drama television series, “Limitless,” was last seen on air. Almost one year later, fans are still hopeful that there will be “Limitless” Season 2, even though its showrunners reiterated that it is already canceled.

CBS asserted that it is done airing the television series. Hence, although the show’s executive producers already had a storyline for the next chapter, they still can’t find a new network that would want to produce it.

Fans cry for the second episode of the television series to come

Hopeful fans have started an online petition for CBS to renew “Limitless” Season 2. An anonymous user makes the appeal and now has almost 58,300 signatures, as of this writing, out of the 60,000 needed.

“You should sign this because 'Limitless' [is] a great TV show that needs to be renewed for a second season!” the user said. One thousand seven hundred more signs and they are about to reach their goal. Evidently, a lot of the show’s viewers want to see the return of the television series on the small screen.

Executive producers working for the show’s revival

The show’s producers, on the other hand, are also hopeful that “Limitless” Season 2 will be brought back to life.

In fact, Bradley Cooper along with other showrunners are trying their best to negotiate with other networks to revive the television series.

The executive producer Craig Sweeney, too, is already holding the next storyline for the new chapter. A lot believed that the show still has a lot to offer and it shouldn’t be canceled this early.

He revealed that there might be some changes, but it will stick to its original story.

"We do find a way for it to be Brian (Jake McDorman) taking the NZT working with Rebecca and Boyle," Sweeny shared. He went on to explain that in spite of the things that happened in the first season, the next chapter will bring them to a different place. However, he talked about this before the show got canceled and hopeful that there will be the second chapter.