Although it has been reported and confirmed multiple times that "Limitless" has already reached its limit, fans just can't seem to accept the cancellation of the CBS show. Despite the demands for "Limitless" Season 2, the comedy-drama television series was not given the chance like the other renewed shows.

Fans were obviously upset after the streaming of "Limitless" had been cut short. Many believe that the show still has a lot to offer and there are still so many questions unanswered. With the overwhelming demand of a sequel, CBS shared that they were shopping the second season to other major outlets.

'Limitless' may have finally reached the end of the line

However, Amazon and Netflix did not seem to agree with the rest of the viewers. It was previously reported that the mysterious drug on the show, NZT, is just too controversial that the outlets opted to pass on streaming the second season to their services.

One fan expressed his disappointment after learning that the second season will never happen. "Why did they do that? We all loved the series. I can't [believe] what i'm reading. Is there hope for "limitless,'" the fan asks in the Celebeat report.

Fans want 'Limitless' season 2 to happen, start petition

Supporters of the show have been desperate to bring "Limitless" back. One fan even went on to start an online petition which garnered a lot of support from viewers who are still hopeful for the possibility of "Limitless" season 2.

Currently, the petition's goal is to reach the 55,000 mark and it has now reached over 53,000 supporters, proving that many are still hoping for the possibility of a second season.

Meanwhile, The highly-wanted continuation was nowhere to be found when CBS previously revealed their fall schedule. But since "Supergirl" was given the chance to continue on The CW (CBS' sister company), fans thought that "Limitless" would also get the same chance. Unfortunately, the show is officially dropped. Even the show's creator confirmed the fate of the series, saying that a second season is definitely not going to happen.