The Bestselling Book by Jay Asher entitled “13 Reasons Why” followed the life of teenager Clay Jensen. As Clay went through some difficult challenges, he was presented with a series of cassette tapes that were recorded by Ms. Hannah Baker. Hannah was a classmate of Jensen’s who was struggling with some deep troubles that led her to commit suicide recently. Her death shocked all of her family and friends. Being a teen is challenging and the new show “13 Reasons Why” is quite intense for the performers dealing with these problematic concerns.

Due to the intense roles portrayed in the series, they engaged a group of Therapy Dogs to help the actors work through their emotional ploys

The teen issues on the show, ‘13 Reasons Why'

Teen issues are too often ignored and overlooked, causing stress and turmoil in their lives. The show, “13 Reasons Why” captures these problems into thirteen one-hour episodes, covering critical difficulties that affect young people. After Hannah had committed suicide, the show reveals some of the dark secrets that led to her death. Because of the complicated troubles highlighted in the book and show, the roles of each actor takes a toll on them. The subject matters are very dark and profound, with emotion content that can be quite overwhelming.

A group of therapy dogs was employed to be on the set to offer warmth and love to the performers in between scenes as a way to keep up their spirits.

How therapy dogs help cast members of ’13 Reasons Why'

Executive producer Selena Gomez fully supports the new plan for therapy dogs. The members of the United States Dog Registry commented to Teen Vogue that dogs used for therapy are often very helpful in comforting people through difficult times and emotions.

They also bring pleasure to the ill and disabled. Most people can connect easily with a therapy dog and feel a sense of calmness through their presence. Dylan Minnette who portrays Clay Jensen stated that the dogs were a great help for those on the set. There was a puppy per hour to offer comfort and solitude through difficult scenes.

The help of a therapy dog was especially crucial for Katherine Langford who plays Ms. Hannah Baker, helping her through some of her intense scenes and challenging moments. The therapy dogs played a critical role when it came to the storyline of such an important but dark show involving teen concerns. Because of their special training and their natural-born loving nature, therapy dogs helped the actors on the set to get through emotional challenges